Preserving Your Diploma

Preserving Your Diploma

There are two enemies to the preservation of your important document – sunlight and the acidity of mat boards and fasteners touching the document. We have all witnessed the fading and browning of newspapers left in sunlight, or the browning of mat edges on inexpensive framing.

Our frames address both issues, exceeding Library of Congress Standards for document preservation. We use acrylic instead of glass, which is safer, and filters a higher percentage of harmful UV rays than ordinary glass. In addition, an upgrade to 99% UV filtering acrylic is available for hanging near windows.

All matting and fasteners (included with each frame to attach your document to the mat) are lignin and acid free, to ensure that your diploma or certificate does not brown where it contacts the mat.

Environmentally Conscious Picture Framing

Our manufacturing processes are also environmentally conscious. We use non-endangered woods, and recycle frame remnants and shipping materials. Wordyisms also supports the Global ReLeaf Forest Foundation which has planted over 250,000 trees worldwide.